2016-2017 Program Reviews

Category Program Name Author Status
CTE  Accounting  Nurre, Rosemary A.  Submitted
  Administration of Justice  Brunicardi, Michael  Submitted
  AODS  Stocker, Angela R.  Submitted
  Architecture  Lucchesi, John  Submitted
  Biology & Health Science  Smith, Christopher  Submitted
  Building Inspection   
  Business & Management  VonBleichert, Peter  Submitted
  Computer Information Science  Tilmann, Martha J.  Submitted
  Cosmetology  James, Cynthia  Submitted
  Dental Assisting  LaRochelle, Beth   Submitted
  Digital Media  Brown, Michelle  Submitted
  Drafting Technology  Vorobey, Lilya  Submitted
  Electronics Technology  Gonzales, Steven  Submitted
  Engineering  Demsetz, Laura  Submitted
  Fire Technology  Schneider, Michelle B.  Submitted
  Kinesiology-Athletics-Dance  Mangan, Joseph C.  Submitted
  Microcomputer Applications  VonBleichert, Peter  Submitted
  Nursing  McAteer, Jane M.  Submitted
  Real Estate   
  x CTE Test Program  Tyler, Valerie  Draft
Instruction  Anthropology  Titus, Michele  Submitted
  Art 2-D  Alex, Rebecca  Submitted
  Art 3-D  Nakata, Rory  Submitted
  Art History  Black, Janet  Submitted
  Astronomy  Stanford, Darryl  Submitted
  Chemistry  Ciesla, Catherine  Submitted
  Communication Studies  Li, Yaping  Submitted
  Economics  Lehigh, Steven  Submitted
  English & Literature  Murphy, Madeleine  Submitted
  English as a Second Language  Ridgway, Kristi  Submitted
  Ethnic Studies  Gaines, Frederick  Submitted
  Film  Laderman, David  Submitted
  Geography  Kaluzny, Margaret  Submitted
  Geologic Sciences  Hand, Linda  Submitted
  History  Hunt, Judith  Submitted
  Library Studies  Morris, Teresa  Submitted
  Mathematics  Hom, Melvin L.  Submitted
  Modern Languages  Wu, Jing  Submitted
  Music  Bobrowski, Christine  Submitted
  Philosophy  Danielson, David G.  Submitted
  Photography  Lohmann, Richard  Submitted
  Physics  Locke, David  Submitted
  Political Science  Miller, Lee Ryan  Submitted
  Psychology  Clifford, James  Submitted
  Reading  Carranza, James  Submitted
  Social Science  Demsetz, Laura  Submitted
  Sociology  Mathur, Minu  Submitted
  x Instruction Test Program  Tyler, Valerie  Draft
Learning Support Centers  Communication Studies Center  Motoyama, Kate  Submitted
  CSM Learning Center  Andrade, Ronald  Submitted
  Integrated Science Center  Diamond, Kathy  Submitted
  Math Resource Center  Gregory, Cheryl P.  Submitted
  Modern Language Center  Nixon, Colby  Submitted
  Reading and ESL Center  Sobel, Amy L.  Submitted
  Writing Center and English 800 Center  Alunan, Juanita A.  Submitted
  x LSC Test Program  Tyler, Valerie  Draft
Student Services  Admissions and Records  Villareal, Henry  Submitted
  Assessment Center  Ullrich, Carol  Submitted
  CalWORKS  Romero, Krystal  Submitted
  Career Center  Newman, Autumn  Submitted
  Child Development Center  Piper, Louise B.  Submitted
  Counseling Services  Romero, Krystal  Submitted
  Disabled Students Programs & Services (DSPS)  Newkirk-Sakaguchi, Carol  Submitted
  Extended Opportunity Program & Services (EOPS) & CARE  Turner, Ruth  Submitted
  Financial Aid & Scholarships  Menjivar, Claudia I.  Submitted
  Health Services Center  Bartels, Sharon L.  Submitted
  International Students Center  Redding Lapuz, Danni  Submitted
  Multicultural Center  Aguirre-Alberto, Sylvia  Submitted
  Psychological Services  Ueda, Makiko  Submitted
  Student Life & Leadership Development  Schaefer, Aaron  Submitted
  Theatre  Wallace, Jeramy  Draft
  Transfer Services  Mitchell, Mike  Submitted
  Veterans Services  Evirs, Justine  Submitted
  x Student Services Test Program  Tyler, Valerie  Draft
x-discontinued  Accounting Skills Center   
  Anatomy and Physiology Center   
  Assistive Technology Center   
  Business Computer Center   
  CIS Computer Center   
  Digital Media Computer Center   
  Nursing Skills Center